A group of people participating in a class at the gym

Joining a gym can be an extremely daunting thing to do, you may feel anxious of what type of training to do, you might not have a clue what machines work which muscle or even feel shy and not know where to look when you are training. All these feelings are completely normal; everyone feels like this when they first join a gym.

Getting Involved

Getting involved in classes is THE best way to kickstart your fitness journey, there are so many benefits. As well as massively progressing on your physical well-being, it helps your mental well-being too. It has been the most testing time for us all with lockdown and Covid rules. Depression had risen by 19.2% and that was back in June 2020! The biggest reasons are being at home and overthinking, overeating, lack of exercise and socialization. All of these problems have solutions right here at Underground gym with the large variety of classes that we have to offer, the range of fun characters, members and instructors and the classes, there is such a variety of classes so you will never get bored. Exercise actually becomes something you can look forward to, rather than seeing it as a chore. You will find yourself having a laugh with everyone down the gym and find some accountability pushing you to work that little harder than before or someone you may find at the same fitness level as yourself.

Never taken part in a class before?

Every class is suitable for all levels of fitness. So it doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or an intermediate, there is always an amazing workout waiting for you. All our instructors are extremely friendly and will make you feel comfortable; welcoming you to the rest of the group and answering any questions you may have before, during and after the session.

What class should I take?

There is such a wide range of classes to choose from and knowing what class is right for you can be difficult. I have personally tried all the classes here at Newhaven and LOVED every single one; every class is different and unique ranging to the high intensity spectrum such as HIIT and Spin. These sessions are designed to get you sweating, working on your endurance and burning some serious calories. Susie’s Glute camp is perfect for the ladies who want to build on their lower body strength, it is a fun filled class and is a great way to build confidence and knowledge with lower body exercises. Calisthenics is another unique class here at Newhaven run by Jack and is all about full body strength, working different gymnastic like movements and tricks to enhance your all-round fitness.

Boxfit is a new class here at Underground Gym Newhaven that I (Imogen) instruct, 30 minutes of basic boxing movements, full body workout and a serious cardio sweat out all to music. This class has an amazing atmosphere and energy and is run in our studio. If you need that boost to get up and go then this one’s for you!
There are so many benefits to getting fit in a class, why not come down and give one a try!