We cater for all levels. Our Fitness classes include sport specific conditioning as well as a range of High Intensity training. All classes are extremely effective in delivering results in fitness, endurance, tone and technique. All our instructors are highly skilled and due to the nature of our classes, whether you are fit or unfit, you will come out feeling like you’ve been worked hard!!

Combat Classes

Our combat classes boast some of the best coaches on the South Coast, brought together to teach you all you need to know about Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, and Submission Grappling. Whether you are an outright beginner or someone looking to hone your skills, these classes are for you!


Our youth classes will teach the under 16 members how to lift, squat and move properly in a fun and testing environment. Our classes are designed to be varied so this will ensure that your child will always find each session fun, engaging, as well as challenging.

Calisthenics Classes

Calisthenics or ‘Gymnastics On Bars’ is the latest fitness phenomenon. Don’t miss your chance to learn the basics, develop core strength and defy gravity whilst keeping your heart rate in the Fat Burning Zone.