A man doing boxing training with a female trainer


This class is a killer knockout sure to make you sweat and feel the full body burn. You will get the chance to learn new boxing movements, building from basics to pro within this 30 minute class. If that wasn’t enough we are including a full body HIIT all keeping in time to the music. Challenge yourself and punch your way through the week and burn up to 500kcal!!!

Boxfit is an energetic, non-contact class that takes influence from traditional boxing to deliver an accessible workout that can suit people at most levels of fitness. It concentrates on the fitness aspects of boxing for sessions that will give you confidence without having to dodge the blows or get in the ring.

What is a Boxfit Class?

Boxfit is a class that aims to mix bootcamp-style workouts and boxing techniques for a drill that will get the blood pumping and get you fighting fit at the same time. As well as stress-relief and improved fitness as benefits, you can expect to burn calories and learn some boxing techniques as well.

What do I Need to Bring to Boxfit Classes?

In a Boxfit session you can expect to use boxing gloves and pads, although your training venue will provide most of that so really you should just make sure to bring a t-shirt, loose fitting trousers or shorts, and a change of clothes for afterwards. It’s also important to bring a water bottle so that you don’t get dehydrated, and perhaps some wrist-wraps if you feel you need the extra support as you bash those pads!

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