Burn calories as you enjoy your ride in our atmospheric studio! UG’s version of this very popular class is a high energy 45 minute full body workout focusing on endurance, strength, speed, high intensity intervals and recovery. Led by one of our motivational instructors, enjoy a powerful and energising session.

Spin Classes are the energetic, sociable and fun alternative to hitting the outdoors with your bike. They’re a great way to get fit, improve your stamina and make new friends. Offering a cardio workout, an energetic vibe and a social environment with pumping music – Spin is a great option if you’re tired of running or walking when you exercise and want something low-impact.

What is Spin?

Spin is essentially indoor cycling. It’s particularly energetic thanks to the class environment where you can share in the team spirit and soak up the motivation. It’s an activity to help you lose weight and tone up while staying social, in a high-energy environment that will help you keep yourself accountable.

What do you do in Spin Classes?

Turning up to your first class, you can expect to take a ride on a fixed bike that mimics the resistance of real cycling, helping you get just as good a workout as you would outdoors. Classes are often taken by a range of qualified instructors, so you might find a different experience in each class as each teacher has different techniques and runs classes at different levels.

Are Underground Gym Spin Classes Suitable for Beginners?

Spin Classes are excellent for beginners, because not only are they effective and fun but they’re also a great introduction to indoor cycling and a good way to find workout buddies. You might find a range of classes available for different demographics, such as classes for beginners, classes for women or classes for people who don’t feel fit yet.

What do I need to bring to Spin Sessions?

Spin classes are often very energetic so you’re almost guaranteed to sweat it out during the session. Because of this, it’s a good idea to bring a towel and a change of clothes. The high-energy atmosphere will see you burning the calories, so it’s also a good idea to bring water too to ensure you won’t dehydrate.

What to wear to Spin Class

Comfortable trainers are a must so you can keep your grip stable on the pedals, as well as a loose-fitting t-shirt for mobility. You’d also want to consider wearing shorts instead of joggers so that you don’t have anything flapping around the lower legs, although Lycra is also a good option for both men and women.

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