Calisthenics or ‘gymnastics on bars’ is the latest fitness phenomenon! Don’t miss your chance to learn the basics, develop core strength and defy gravity with many different skills and techniques that keep your heart rate in the Fat Burning Zone.

Calisthenics has gained a lot of attention thanks to practitioners who love to show off gravity-defying moves such as the flagpole. This sport isn’t just for show though, as there are some serious strength, flexibility and cardio benefits to training, and the good news is that all the exercises start-off easy, so you can join in even as a beginner.

What is Calisthenics?

The easiest way to think of Calisthenics is as a bodyweight workout. Many of us are used to working out with equipment, but the benefits of a specific bodyweight workout shouldn’t be overlooked. Calisthenics can help you improve your flexibility, strength, balance and cardio so bodyweight exercises have clearly got a lot to offer.

How do I Get Started with Calisthenics?

A lot of the more attention-grabbing moves in Calisthenics rely on exercises that you’re probably familiar with already such as dips, press-ups and pull-ups, and the slower and more controlled you can do these, the better. All these moves are a great way to get started, although possibly the best way to start might be a beginners Calisthenics class where the instructor will take you through lots of easier exercises and also show you ways to develop them or make them more accessible.

How Fit/Strong do I Need to be to Start Calisthenics?

You can start Calisthenics at almost any fitness level because many of the more difficult moves have simpler and less challenging variations. That means you can start at the bottom and work y

What do I need to bring to Calisthenics Sessions?

Calisthenics relies on little equipment, so you can travel light when you turn up for your first class. Make sure to bring a t-shirt as well as light, loose-fitting clothing and a water bottle so you don’t get dehydrated.

We also offer youth calisthenics classes.


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