A trainer helping his client lift a large barbell at the gym

Become a Personal Trainer

Personal Training

Our team is where our community starts. We want our personal trainers to be enthusiastic and ready to put their clients through their paces. We offer great support and guidance to develop because we want to recommend our trainers to anyone. Make the difference on our customers' fitness journey and join a growing, award-winning business.

Please note

As staff at UG, we treat our members and the gym with respect. This means tidying weights away, being polite to gym users and other members of staff, and all that other things you already know.

We have absolute zero tolerance on the use or dealing of steroids, or other illegal performance-enhancing drugs. We cannot control what people do outside of our premises and nor would we want to, however, using or dealing anything like that in the gym, or openly talking about or promoting the use of any of these drugs in the gym is strictly prohibited.