A group participating in a class doing kettlebell squats

Not sure what to put in your gym bag to maximise your workouts? Well here is my list of some of my most important items I can advise bringing with you to the gym.

Liquid Chalk

This is definitely a necessity if you are weight training. Game Changer as there is nothing worse than trying to grip a metal bar with sweaty hands.


Hopefully you will be working out hard enough to break a sweat, as this is a vital staple to everyone’s gym bag, especially if you will be going elsewhere after your gym session.


Again depending on your goals and what style of training you’re doing, you may need to replenish your body soon after your gym session. One of the best routines I have got into.

A Spare Pair of Leggings/ Shorts.

You may never think it will happen to you, however my leggings have split one too many times for me now not to pack spares.