A view of gym floor with multiple bench presses and equipment such as pull up bars and machines

Powerwave has not only enhanced my physical fitness, it’s also helped me build a resilient mind when it comes to exercise & training. 

I became a Powerwave instructor back in 2019 and it’s been the most exciting, rewarding and motivating class to teach over the last couple of years. Building a community within the Powerwave classes has been so wonderful and I love watching everyone not only push themselves through the class, but push each other as well! These classes have been a great way for members to get to know other like minded people with a passion for improving their strength and fitness.

The class itself is unpredictable, each week I set up a different workout format with different movements which can vary from focusing on a hypertrophy and strength building format to a high intensity, quick paced cardio fitness class that also gets your brain ticking as well as your body burning! 

The Powerwave is a piece of equipment which is provided to each class member and can be resembled to a sandbag – these aren’t just any sandbags though, they’ve been specially designed to target more than one muscle group at a time when you’re using them! The Powerwave comes in different sizes which are suitable for people of all shapes and sizes!

The class itself only lasts 20 minutes, but don’t be fooled – these 20 minutes are going to be full of sweat, hard work and determination! These classes work great alongside all types of training and I can honestly say that the biggest achievement I have gained from taking part in these classes is building a strong mind to help push my body when it needs it most – it’s been a GAME CHANGER and has massively improved my training in the gym too. 

Still need some convincing to book onto a class? My Powerwave classes are designed for everyone, I offer options and alternatives for every single movement that we do so if you’re working around an injury just give me a heads up before we start the class, if you’re a complete newbie to the gym or to classes that’s totally fine, you don’t need a level of fitness to join. Everyone is here with the same goal in mind, to get fitter and stronger and the Powerwave community will welcome you with open arms! 

Building up your strength & fitness can be taxing on your body so the class has a 1 hour time slot so that we can give your body a good stretch & cool down after your Powerwave workout to help aid your recovery & improve your mobility. 

I look forward to seeing you in the Studio soon!