People taking part in a class

Want to know the best way to prepare mentally and physically for today’s workout? – That's right! An efficient warm up.

Properly warming up is the best way to increase your ability during your workout and reduces the risk of injury, among many other major benefits!

Do not fall victim to the common (and let’s face it, very tempting) mistake to ignore such a vital aspect of any of your training sessions!

4 Steps to creating your successful warm-up!

Step 1 – Prepare

Prepare how you want to perform in your session. Your warm-up needs to do the obvious and warm you up and in doing that hit all your muscles. BUT you should try mainly target the ones you will be using most in your workout!

Step 2 – Short and simple.

Your WARM-UP does not need to be running 15K, countless calories on the ski and hit a PB on a 500m row before you train. Keep it anywhere between 5-8 minuets any longer will cause fatigue and possibly lower your results.

Step 3 – Keep it dynamic.

Dynamic movements help increase your preparedness far better than basic static stretches!

Step 4 – Be active.

Your warm-up needs to raise your heart rate, get your body temperature rising and get you fully prepared to smash your session without any risk of putting you out for 8 weeks!