Sara Harpin, a champion powerlifter, posing in a red bikini

I watch this through my fingers in the gym all the time and have been guilty of it myself:

You decide you want to stop feeling like a fat lazy piece of sh*t and you see these beautiful people on Instagram rocking around in tiny Lycra hot pants living their best protein shake drinking lives and you decide you want a bit of it, so you join a gym and decide to change your life, excellent!!!


Here’s the mistake that I see so many dedicated, determined newbies and reoffenders make, a thing that the unscrupulous people of the fitness industry trying to make money out of us have taught us, that more is more…MORE exercise, MORE dieting will help you achieve your goals faster and in fairness there is a truth to it. If you attend a fitness class, run a million miles, lift all the weights, eat an oat for breakfast, have a shake for lunch and lick a chicken for dinner you will lose weight and you will lose it fast!

But here’s what they don’t tell you, It’s NOT maintainable long term!:

You will crash and burn out eventually and your body will have slowed your metabolism in order to survive so when you do rebound, which IS inevitable, you will pile on weight so fast you will be back where you started if not worse in no time! The fitness industry continues to get away with this because people don’t understand that the crash is inevitable, all they see is that “when I was on this diet I was losing weight” and they blame their weakness for their failure but in fact the failure was always inevitable!!

The truth is that if you want to make a change for life then consistency is the key and to ensure consistency it must be manageable!:

A manageable training plan and a manageable diet. People always assume that I must train all the time and eat nothing but chicken and rice but the truth is I train 5 days a week, 1 hour a day, weights only and yes I do eat chicken and rice sometimes but I also have pizza, burgers, cheese sandwiches an cake too and I’m still totally rocking insta in my hot pants! 😉