A person's hands at a table writing in their Diet Plan. Around them is a plate of avocado, a salad bowl and a juice

Not losing weight? Not gaining muscle but putting hours of work in the gym? Well, “ You can’t out train a bad diet”.

The most common mistake made to early gym goers is that they are focusing too hard on what they are doing in the gym and not paying enough attention to what they are doing in the kitchen.

By having good nutrition you can help your body perform better and recover faster after each workout and intern this means that we will be able to reach our goal.

But how do we know what to eat? How much to eat?

This is all dependent on your goals entirely but by the help of tracking your macros and getting advice from a professional it isn’t as daunting as seems. It can actually be quite simple, especially when you ignore all the “FAD” Diets that are so fashionable at the moment.

Want to build muscle?

High protein and a surplus will get you there.

Want to lose weight?

Calorie deficit is the one for you.

Always ask the Underground Gym team for advice if you’re not too sure what you are doing. But remember “ You can’t outrun a bad diet”