#UNDERGROUND GYM painted on a black wall in yellow

Hi! My name is Luke Forest and I am Yoga teacher from the UK. 

I have traveled the world learning movement, breath work and meditation techniques from some of the oldest and best schools around. I have over 1000 hours of Yoga teacher training, a diploma in massage and certificates in meditation and breathwork. In my classes I aim to create an enthusiastic, challenging yet calming environment for students of any level to grow and achieve their goals together. By offering many different options in poses I offer students the opportunity to find what works for their body and to move themselves as far as they are comfortable in order to progress safely and with ease. My aim has always been to bring Yoga to as many people from as many different backgrounds as possible. I believe that this incredible system can benefit everyone, no matter their level of mobility or life experience.

My journey started when I was in my teens, first hearing about meditation and eastern philosophies from books, music and friends. After graduating from a London University I decided to travel the world which has lasted on and off for the last 7 years exposing me to many different cultures and ways of thinking. Whilst on my first trip in India I found myself in a group of travellers who introduced me to one of their teachers. He told me I would be his student and as of the next day I began my first teacher training. Since then I have taught in many different places but always returning to India for my personal study, most notably The Yoga Institute, which is the oldest Yoga school in the world. 

The Yogic system dates back many thousands of years in many forms and practices. Throughout time it has adapted and changed but always with the goal of bringing one back to the truth of the soul. Modern Yoga has many different paths and styles but the most recognisable in the west is Yoga Asana. Asana refers to the physical posture or stretch. 

Many athletes, high performers, general fitness enthusiasts and people starting on their journey to a healthier lifestyle around the world have found the benefits to their health and wellbeing are unmatched by any other practice. It is great for flexibility, strength training, weight loss and to promote a general sense of vitality and focus throughout the entire mind, body and soul. 

When I am asked questions about who Yoga is best for or what style of Yoga should people be doing I always answer; all Yoga is good Yoga if it feels right for you. In my classes I mix different styles and techniques that I believe are beneficial to the group in the room at the time. This means that classes are adaptable and enjoyable for all. If the room is full of beginners, we can take it easier and work into the fundamentals, if the room is full of experienced Yogis then we may end up on our heads, chanting. My mantra is Move, Breath, Achieve and that’s exactly what to expect from my class.