A coach helping his client do bench presses with dumbells

Goal setting is an action plan designed to help motivate or guide a person/group of people towards a goal.

The type of goals we aim to set are what is known as SMART goals.These goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time specific.

Why is Goal Setting Good?

Goal setting is a good thing to start implementing into your training because it gives you motivation, provides a focus, allows you to monitor progress, it helps us to keep progressing with training as new goals can be set when each goal is achieved.

What is a good Example of a SMART Goal?

  1. To lose 6lb in 8 weeks.
  2. To eat at least 3-4 portions of fruit and veg per day, across 1 month.

How can I keep track of my Goals?

Keeping track of goals can simply be done on a notes page in your phone, on a whiteboard at home, a notebook or workout logbook, a piece of paper on your fridge or mirror.

If you haven’t set yourself any goals since joining the gym but struggle to motivate yourself or can’t notice the progress you’re making, give goal setting a go and watch the positive effect it will have on your training.