Aerial view of a person sitting cross legged with a plate of salad with vegetables and gym equipment on the floor around them

Here are our essential list to help aid weight loss

The Right Mindset

Whether it’s through affirmations, celebrating mini wins, or focusing more on the things you do good, and so on, your thoughts make or break your success.


If you ate a few hundred calories more that day, IT’S OKAY. Enjoy yourself and practice keeping peace of mind knowing you didn’t ruin anything. Before it manifests and leads to self sabotage, resulting in eating more. Of course a calorie deficit goes without saying.


Those Starbucks drinks to even healthier options like Naked juice can add up in calories super fast. And of course, drinking enough water helps everything. (Treated tap water will make no difference to bottled water.)


Whether it’s weights, kettlebells, bands, or machines, some form of resistance training is ideal for fat loss — along with moving more throughout the day with walking, taking breaks at work to stand, stretching, etc.


It’s almost sounds a bit cliche now (or maybe that’s just me lol), but you really do recover, heal, and everything in between while you sleep. Find out how much sleep you need and do your best to get enough each night.

BONUS – Patience. It’s a big part of this all…