A person in a santa hat standing in front of a christmas tree with presents

Its rapidly turning into the Christmas period and with this exciting time we also have to look into buying our loved ones gifts.

What Should I Gift My Gym Loving Friend or Family Member?

If you have someone in your family/ friend group or other half that is into the gym, then I have the perfect gift guide for you.


Every sport has its own style of footwear and that doesn’t exclude going to the gym. Here are some examples of good pairs.

  • Converse – Weight lifting
  • Nike Running shoes – running

Gym clothes

Every gym rat has there favourite company for clothing, so here are some great examples to look through

  • Gymshark
  • Myprotein
  • Nike
  • Alphalete

Protein snacks

This can normally be quite expensive to keep buying for yourself but it definitely helps when you get a big bag of protein for a gift. Maybe choose a different flavour to buy them than what they usually have.


Sometimes you just really need to get into the zone with your workout. Whether it’s a workout-specific playlist, or a podcast, it’s better listening on a good pair of headphones that won’t negatively affect your gym sessions.

Fitness Trackers and Smart Watches

Fitness trackers and smart watches are a great way to get an insight into so many different aspects of your health, including tracking exercise. They’d make a perfect gift for a fitness fanatic, or someone who is just getting started with their fitness journey.

Water Bottles

Noone should neglect hydration, especially when at the gym.  A nice water bottle for the gym would make a perfect, functional gift.

Gym Bag

On the topic of functional gifts, a gym bag is a perfect one to give to a gym lover. Whether it’s a holdall, gym sack, backpack or barrell bag, make sure that there’s at least a bottle holder or shoe pocket!

Underground Gym Gift Voucher

Personal training sessions, their membership for a month, we think they are the best type of gift as it is a gift that keeps on giving!