A woman doing exercises on the floor

Why Focus on training your back?

The benefit of having a strong functional back is that not only does it improve your posture, but it also helps with your compound movements massively and a strong thick back improves overall muscle mass.

Most of the time the casual gym goers or “Gym bro’s” if you’d like to call them… mainly focus on developing their chest and arms to look bigger and fill their T-shirts and then all they end up with is poor posture and overactive pushing muscles.

What they forget is that neglecting your posterior just has a negative impact on your training and when you build a strong functional back not only do you see dramatic results but solidify your performance in the gym!

My 3 key points to improve your back sessions are:

  1. Work in full ranges of motion to help improve your movement quality.
  2. Utilise several movements in your sessions to hit every part of the back correctly.
  3. Have the best trunk and core stability to increase your muscle control and contraction with every rep.