People at the gym in a metcon class, a man lifts a large barbell in the background

MetCon Fit

Get ready for barbells, medicine balls, gymnastics and bodyweight movements. This fun, healthy competition will challenge your heart, lungs and muscles whilst getting you in peak physical condition.

We’re proud to present this new method of getting fit that’s creating a name for itself. Metcon is short for metabolic conditioning, and it’s seeing a rise in popularity thanks to the love it’s received from the CrossFit crowd. With Metcon Fit, you can expect to combine cardio and strength training in a variety of different ways.

What is Metcon Fit?

Metcon Fit is a workout class that will mix up strength and cardio in different levels of intensity for a session that will give both aerobic and anaerobic gains. The workouts aim to optimise your body’s energy output by working your oxidative, glycolytic and phosphagen energy pathways – the three ways your muscles get energy. In short, it’ll be a mix of strength, high-rep resistance and endurance training.

What do you do in Metcon Fit Classes?

Metcon is a very flexible way to workout, so it’s possible that no two classes may be the same. If you’ve seen a HIIT or Tabata workout, they may look similar although these tend to aim for different intensities to a Metcon workout. Because Metcon is about aiming for a certain metabolic rate, classes can take a variety of forms and it’s quite easy to turn a run or swim into a Metcon workout if carefully paced. Common styles for this type of class include bootcamp style classes that combine strength and cardio exercises, either in timed stations or with reps until failure.

What do I Need to Bring to Metcon Fit Sessions?

You’ll be good with a change of clothing, a towel and some water so you don’t get dehydrated.

What to wear to Metcon Fit Class

A Metcon class can be varied but usually you can’t go wrong with a loose-fit t-shirt and either shorts, leggings or jogger bottoms. Trainers are also a good bet in case you need to jump or run.

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