Metabolic Circuits

Get that cardio burn while sustaining and building muscle. This fusion of interval and resistance training gives you all the fat burning and heart rate raising benefits of an intense cardio workout while improving muscle structure – a key component of looking good for Summer!

What is Metabolic Circuits Class?

You might have heard of circuit training; it’s a combination of short-interval cardio exercises and resistance training, and if that’s what you’re thinking then you’re on the right track… Metabolic Circuits Class uses circuits to give your metabolism a workout, which helps you burn calories, improve your cardio and build muscle in one session.

What do you do in Metabolic Circuits Class?

A Metabolic Circuits Class is based on exercises that will boost your metabolism and burn fat, and there are lots of different exercises that achieve that so you can expect each class to be different. Each class will be a mix of resistance training and cardio; for resistance training, an average class might involve weight-training exercises, body-weight training or a mix of both. For cardio you can expect sprinting and activities like jumping jacks or battle ropes. Each session will see you getting a full upper and lower body workout.

What do I Need to Bring to Metabolic Circuits Sessions?

With any cardio-intensive class, you’re going to work yourself into a sweat, so bring a towel and a change of clothes for afterwards. A bottle of water is also a good idea because you’re in for an intense workout and it’s not good to get dehydrated.

What to Wear to Metabolic Circuits Class

For a Metabolic Circuits Class, you’ll need mobility, so you don’t want your clothes to slow you down. A good option would be a comfortable t-shirt and loose-fitting shorts. You’ll need some good footwear too for those fast and dynamic moves, so trustworthy trainers can help.

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