Two people taking part in muy thai training, a woman kickboxing with a man with pads

Ladies Kickboxing

UG’S ladies kickboxing class offers a combination of the world’s most exciting stand up fighting strategies. From Boxing and Kickboxing this class will keep the mind fully engaged as you experience a full body workout.

Benefits of Kickboxing for Women

There are lots of benefits to kickboxing for women. For a start, you’ll get stronger and fitter, not to mention the improvements in flexibility and coordination skills. It’s also a great way to get in shape as you’ll give your cardio a blast with each session. The other major things people say when they talk about kickboxing classes is the confidence it can bring and how effective it is at busting stress.

What do you do in Kickboxing Class?

Your average kickboxing class will usually start with a warm-up to get you ready for your workout, then move to practise your punching and kicking. There’s an emphasis both on strength and technique because you can’t have one without the other. You can expect a range of bag work and pad work in pairs so that you can practise those all-important combat skills. If you’re feeling up for it, you might even try some sparring; it’s your choice and the option’s there.

What do I need to bring to Ladies Kickboxing Sessions?

Ladies Kickboxing can be very energetic so remember to bring some water so you can stay hydrated. Along with that, you’ll likely work up a sweat in this high-energy session so bring a towel and change of clothes to stay fresh. Kickboxing involves a lot of striking with fists, and many people bring wrist wraps so they can get the much-needed support for striking.

What to wear to Ladies Kickboxing Class

A loose-fitting t-shirt or a gym top would be great attire, along with some loose shorts or sports leggings. Don’t forget a trusty sports bra for the extra support. Sturdy and reliable trainers would be a good option although you may also find yourself in a bare-foot workout on padded flooring.

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