UG’S K1 class offers a combination of the world’s most exciting stand up fighting strategies. From Boxing and Kickboxing, to Karate and Kenpo, this class will keep the mind fully engaged as you experience a full body workout.

Get addicted to our kickboxing classes and you’ll never skip leg day again! As the name implies, kickboxing takes all the interesting techniques of boxing and gives it a new angle by teaching you to fight with your legs as well. Kickboxing has lots of benefits including strength and fitness, as well as teaching balance and coordination.

What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is an energetic class that will help you get in shape, gain confidence and learn practical self-defence skills. While kickboxing has a tough reputation, our classes are open to all which means we won’t force you to spar and you can train how you feel comfortable at a pace that suits you. Regardless of how you participate, the health and fitness benefits are there for all.

What do you do in Kickboxing Class?

The exact contents of a class may vary although common activities include a warm up, some shadow boxing to practise your moves, some punch bag work to feel the impact, kick-pad work in pairs and perhaps even some sparring if you feel ready for the challenge. What you can expect is a workout that will improve your balance and coordination, help you lose weight and get fit.

What do I need to bring to Kickboxing Sessions?

You’ll need your enthusiasm and perhaps a bit of bravery if you want to give sparring a go. Other than that, you should make sure to bring some water so you’re hydrated during the session, as well as a towel and a change of clothes for afterwards. If you’re up for sparring, bring a gumshield too, just for that extra level of protection. You might also want to bring wrist wraps for extra stability when punching.

What to wear to Kickboxing Class

A loose-fitting t-shirt and loose-fitting shorts are a great way to dress for kickboxing classes. You could probably make do with loose jogger bottoms although, when kicking, you might appreciate the extra mobility you’ll get with shorts.

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