Sonny Parkinson

Classes - New Members Journey - SGT - Personal Training, Boxing

Areas of Expertise

  • Boxing padwork
  • Boxing technical and tactical drills
  • Boxing footwork and SAQ training for speed, agility and quickness
  • Circuit and metcon training for metabolic conditioning
  • Conditioning
  • Strength training and progressions
  • Cardiovascular training and progressions


  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 1 Boxing Coach
  • Powerwave Instructor
  • First Aid

Pricing Options

Single Sessions

  • £25.00 - Single gym session
  • £35.00 - Single boxing session
  • £30.00 - Single boxing fitness session

Monthly Sessions

  • £120.00 p/m - 5 x block gym sessions
  • £200.00 p/m - 10 x block gym sessions
  • £160.00 p/m - 5 x block boxing sessions
  • £300.00 p/m - 10 x block boxing sessions
  • £130.00 p/m - 5 x block boxing fitness sessions
  • £250.00 p/m - 10 x block boxing fitness sessions

More About Me

I am a competitive amateur boxer and I have had over 40 contests. I have been boxing competitively since I was 16, throughout my amateur career I have gain a wide variety of knowledge of how to get and stay in shape and to keep a high level of base fitness.

Through my boxing, I have had the opportunity to work with elite level coaches for my own boxing, cardio fitness, strength and conditioning and even my mobility. With the experiences I have had I know the most efficient ways to get people into shape and teach them how to stay in shape.

I am consistently gaining new experiences through my boxing career and will pass them on to each person I train so they are fully aware and confident of how to get and stay fit, strong and most importantly healthy.