Underground Gym Class Descriptions


HIIT training vs Boxing. With this class we really mix it up here, with fast paced combos, bag work and an assortment of bodyweight exercises combined for a great 60 minute session and a fat burn long after the class is finished.

Military HIIT

Our NEW unique class brings the old school back! With a session plan that combines strength, functional, bodyweight and cardiovascular exercises in a fiercely challenging but highly rewarding session. Are you tough enough?

HIIT Class

Our original class, you don’t fix what isn’t broken! Take your fitness to new levels with just 45 minutes of your day. This mix of bodyweight and cardio based exercise is specially designed to improve all aspects of your fitness, strength, and agility.

Metabolic Circuits

Get jacked and shredded! This fusion of interval and resistance training gives you all the fat burning and heart rate raising benefits of an intense cardio workout whilst building muscle.

HIIT Strength

Calling all Strong Guys and Gals! If you're looking for a heavy workout with a difference then put your strength to the test! Flip tyres, smash sledgehammers, and lift, carry, push and pull heavy kit in this exhilaratingly unpredictable class.


UGFIT Fam is a class that has been designed to bring the whole family together. Using a mix of body weight functional exercises, cardio vascular work and a few challenges thrown in, We feel that by encouraging families to train together it creates a healthier home life and due to the competitive nature of the sessions it will definitely generate bragging rights of "Who is the fittest" over the dinner table. So bring the family down, everyone is welcome to our newest circuits class! *Children aged 8+

Functional Fitness

Work round a mix of stations that combine strength, functional, bodyweight and cardiovascular exercises in a fiercely challenging but highly rewarding session.


Learn the basics in powerlifting from the best, improve your strength and technique in Bench press, Squats and Deadlifts while hitting PR’s on the regular! Come lift some big weights with the #powerliftingteamUG. No experience necessary!

Up Your ROM

Perfect for athletes or beginner. Increase your Range Of Motion through guided mobility increasing positions with your UpYourROM Coach. Whether you want to just try something new or gain that edge in your sport this class is perfect to help with your


This is a combination of the world's most exciting stand up fighting strategies - from Boxing and Kickboxing - to Karate and Kempo. This class will keep your mind fully engaged whilst your experience a full body workout.


Our classes are for all abilities and is great way to improve your overall MMA skills or learn something fun and new. Teaching you the Wrestling, Submission and Ground & Pound techniques needed, we will show you everything you need to know with how to
keep a fight standing, using Punches, Kicks, Elbows & Knees to be most effective. These sessions can include light sparring.


Just added to the timetable, this new class uses a mix of different functional training and cardio styles to help push your fitness levels to the next level, this is the perfect class for those who want to train like a fighter or need an extra boost with their combat
conditioning for any upcoming bouts.

Calisthenics or "Gymnastics On Bars" is the latest fitness phenomenon. Don't miss your chance to learn the basics, develop core strength and defy gravity with many different skills and techniques whilst keeping your heart rate in the Fat Burning Zone.

Olympic Lifting

Graceful. Dynamic. Explosive. Learn the two fundamental moves in any Olympic
weightlifting competition - "The Snatch",  "The Clean & "Jerk" from 50-year veteran, John Walton.

Metcon Fit

Get ready for barbells, medicine balls, gymnastics and bodyweight movements. This fun, healthy competition will challenge your heart, lungs and muscles whilst getting you in peak physical condition.


Introduction into the fundamentals of "Parkour" coached by some of the best in their field in the UK. It’s a complete workout for all body fitness, while learning how to deal with fear in a friendly environment.