Joining the Gym

How do I join?

You can join via our website, by booking a tour with one of our staff or by just popping on down… it’s entirely up to you.

What is the UG Journey

The free PT session is more than just about training, it is the first step on your member journey that will make sure you get the results you’re after.

Your session will features a health check to make sure you’re in top shape. You’ll also get a body screen to figure out your strengths and help you avoid injury. You’ll finish the session with a cardio and bodyweight workout as a preview of what a great PT session is like.

Health check

Everyone is different and your BMI only gives half the story, at most. An important part of seeing progress is knowing where you start, so if you choose, we can use Tanita Body composition scales on your first session to fully understand your fitness. We want to make the workout fit you rather than make you fit the workout.

The Tanita scales uses a tiny electric current to measure:

  • Muscle mass – to see what strength you’ve been hiding
  • Body fat ratio – to understand your health rather than just your weight vs height
  • Hydration levels – so dehydration doesn’t creep up on you and make life hard
  • Visceral fat – to get the full report on those love handles

Not everyone feels comfortable with scales, so if you’d rather not that’s fine with us. Either way, we’d expect those numbers to change in a few short weeks so we would come back to the Tanita scales later on to get a real-time update on your progress.

Body screen

Before hitting the floor, we do a body screen to see how you move. This shows us where your strongest muscles are, whether you’ve got imbalances, and if your posture is correct. From here, we can get your technique into shape before you start the hard work, helping you avoid injury and get more from your workout.

Cardio & bodyweight workout

Together with your Coach, we’ll take what we learned from the body screen and put it all together in a simple but challenging workout. This will be a great way to get you familiar with some of the movements and machines that will help you reach your goals and make you feel confident.

What’s the cancellation process?

We hate to see you go, so if there’s something we can help you with please speak to us. Otherwise, please send an email to your club requesting cancellation. There is only a short, 30-day notice period.

What are your opening times?

Mon-Fri: 5-10pm
Sat: 6-8pm
Sun: 8-5pm

What is the minimum age to join the gym?

We love helping people start their journey so anyone from 16 years old can have a normal gym membership. We also allow 14-16 year olds to have a normal gym membership but they must go through a rigorous induction process to ensure their safety (We are not currently offering youth membership in our Portslade gym).

Staff will keep an eye on them and there’s a 1-strike rule for behaviour. We want to help them on their way but safety and good behaviour come first. We also have children-only classes for the 8-16 age range.

Do you offer a multi-site membership?

Yes! As part of our normal membership price you can access all of our clubs.

Is personal training available?

Yes, our Coaches can provide you with personal training after your free session. This is available at an affordable additional cost either on a one-to-one or group basis.


Can I pay by cash or card?

Of course, it’s a little more expensive but it gives you a little more flexibility if that is what you need.

How can I make a payment/reinstate my membership?

If you’re on a direct debit membership and have missed a payment, just pop into your gym and you can pay over the counter or via your app. You can reinstate your membership by speaking to one of our staff who will be more than happy to help

Do you offer a NUS/TOTUM discount?

We offer a student discount when the correct ID is provided.

Equipment & facilities

Are there lockers?

Yes, please bring your own padlock or you can purchase a padlock from reception. All lockers must be locked if occupied and only used for the duration of your training session. Please be aware: lockers are cleared of belongings every night by our lovely staff.

Do you provide parking?

Yes, we provide parking at all of our sites but please ensure you input your registration into the iPad located at all of our receptions to ensure you have the correct permit.

Are there changing facilities and showers in the gym?

Yes, we provide showers, lockers and toilets.

Is there WIFI?

We provide free WIFI at all of our sites.

Do you have a supplement bar or cafe?

We have bars at all of our sites which provide you with all the nutrition and goodness you need to best achieve your goals. This ranges from pre-workout drinks to meals and shakes.
Make sure you are giving your body what it needs to excel after you have pushed it to its max.

Being a member

I have forgotten/left something at the gym, do you have a lost property area I can pick it up from at a later date?

Please contact us as soon as you realise that you have forgotten something. If a staff member has found it or if it has been handed in, we will keep it safe. We keep lost property for a maximum of 14 days, after which we will give it to charity.

How do I get in and out of the gym?

We use the ‘Underground Gym’ app which not only allows you to enter the gym with a unique QR code, but you can also book all of your classes and any personal training sessions on this system too.

How can I upgrade my membership?

You can upgrade your membership by speaking to a member of the team either in person or by calling your club.

What does freezing my membership mean?

If you are going away, or have sustained an injury, we can freeze your account for a nominal amount for up to 6 months. By freezing your membership, you hold your place at Underground Gym and avoid paying the joining fee. It will also hold the current membership price.

How do I unfreeze my membership?

You can unfreeze your membership by speaking to one of our team members in person or on the phone.

How much does it cost to freeze my membership?

The cost to freeze your membership is £5 per month.

What benefits will I get if I refer a friend?

If you refer a friend, you will receive 1 months FREE membership.