COVID Information

It’s great to be open again and welcoming old and new members back into the club.
We understand our responsibilities to both you and are staff and take them very seriously.
We want to ensure that everyone can enjoy Underground Gym in a safe and enjoyable way.

We are continuously cleaning throughout the day and we ask that you do the same with the equipment you use before and after use. We have provided a large number of cleaning stations throughout each gym for your ease.

We are also doing a deep clean every night that takes 6+ hours to complete.
If you see any issues in the gym that makes you feel worried please let us know asap by visiting reception and we will resolve the problem straight away.

We will continue to run reduced capacity classes at all of our sites that are in Tier 2 or below. Unfortunately, in Tier 3 no classes are allowed but we are offering all of our class members access to Live Virtual Classes as well as a big bank of On Demand classes.
Please visit our classes page for more information.

Below are some commonly asked questions that we have answered for you, if you have any other questions or queries at all please do not hesitate to call, email, or speak to us in person at the club.

We’re buzzing to have you all back,
Happy and Safe Training,

The Underground Team

Covid FAQs

Is the Gym open yet?

We are open and loving seeing you all back in here and helping us abide by the rules

Is it safe for the gym to be open?

We are following the advice of national and international health services as well as that of Government in reopening our gyms and have put additional measures in place to ensure that our members and team members are safe within the gyms. This includes limited number of people in the gym at any one time and providing additional cleaning and hygiene equipment for our members to use. By following the guidelines we are ensuring that our members are safe within our gyms.

How busy will the Gym be at certain times?

You can always call up to check how busy the gym is before coming down but if you can manage to come outside of the usual busy Monday and Tuesday nights you’ll be fine.

What time is my gym open?

We have the same open times as usual:
Mon-Fri: 5-10pm
Sat: 6-8pm
Sun: 8-5pm

Do I have to wear a face mask whilst in the Gym?

You can always wear a mask if you want to but you are not obliged to, ensuring correct distancing throughout your workout will be enough to keep you safe.

Why have you taken away some of the equipment?

We are lucky to be a big box gym so on the whole we had space to spread equipment out.
We did remove a couple of boxing/MMA rings to make some space however we ensured that there is still space to practice these arts.

Will classes still be running when you reopen?

We will continue to run reduced capacity classes at all of our sites that are in Tier 2 or below. Unfortunately, in Tier 3 no classes are allowed but we are offering all of our class members access to Live Virtual Classes as well as a big bank of On Demand classes.
Please visit our classes page for more information.

Are members required to wipe down kit after use?

Members are required to wipe down kit before and after use. If this is ever not the case, a member of the management team will remind them to ensure that we are keeping our hygiene levels high. Our staff also regularly clean the equipment.

How can I ensure that other members aren’t too close to me?

We have worked hard to ensure that the new layout of our gyms and the placement of our cleaning and hand stations are optimal for the gym layout and maintaining a safe distance.

Our equipment layout follows government guidelines in ensuring that members are a safe distance apart. When taking free weights, we ask members to be conscientious towards other members and respect the social distancing measures that are being enforced. If this is ever not the case, please speak with a member of the team on site who will be more than happy to assist in any way that they can.

How will you keep members safe that are still seen to be higher risk?

We want all our members to feel safe in The Gym. As such, all members must continue to follow the advice of Government and national health services. This includes ‘shielding’ for any vulnerable people, such as those with breathing difficulties, or other medical conditions which can mean that they are at higher risk as a result of COVID-19.

Should you not be able to return to The Gym when we reopen because you are shielding, continue to self-isolate, or do not yet feel ready to come back to us, please do get in touch and we can put your account to ‘frozen’ until you are ready to return.

Can I train with someone from the same household or bubble?

You can currently train with one other person from your bubble and PTs can train their clients however they should ensure correct distancing at all times.

Will paper towels and sanitiser be available for members?

We have cleaning stations that provide both hand sanitiser for all our members to use on entry, as well as paper towels and sanitiser spray to clean the equipment after use. We ask that all members use the cleaning product to clean the equipment to help reduce the risk of any illnesses being spread.

What are you doing to keep the equipment and facilities clean?

We are working hard to ensure that our hygiene standards are kept to an exceptional level. To achieve this, we have increased the regularity that our facilities and equipment is cleaned, as well as providing more cleaning products for our members to use. This helps ensure that the equipment is regularly cleaned and decontaminated. We also deep clean the gym each evening after we closed so that it is fresh each day.

Why do I have to use paper towels and spray and not a sweat towel to wipe down my equipment?

Due to our commitment to our members, we want to ensure that the gym is a safe place to train. Given the current circumstances we have increased our cleaning and have also provided cleaning products to help members disinfect the kit they’ve been using before another member jumps on it.

In normal circumstances, a towel is more than sufficient to wipe off sweat, but as we are also looking to help prevent the spread of a virus, disinfectant spray and single use wipes are more effective for this.

Use of a sweat towel should currently only be used to wipe sweat off of your body, not from the equipment.