The Benefits of a Corporate Gym Membership

It’s easy to see the advantages of joining a gym and putting health and wellness first – regular physical activity has been proven to not only improve the general quality of life of people, making everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable, but it also helps to treat, manage and prevent up to 20 different lifestyle-related health conditions! Just 45 minutes a day can dramatically improve an individual’s health and ward off the risks of inactivity. But despite being pretty huge benefits, these aren’t the only ways that a corporate gym membership can be beneficial to your employees (as well as your business)…

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It’s an investment in your employees

Not only will your employees view a corporate gym offering as a real incentive to work with you, but it’s also an amazing benefit to offer when recruiting new staff members. Surveys have found that employee benefits such as this are the SECOND BIGGEST reason that people join a business.

It can reduce sick days and absences

Studies have found that regular exercise can prevent and reduce the severity of illnesses and lifestyle-related conditions. This even includes colds! In fact, one study found that staying active almost halved the odds of catching cold viruses.

It supports people’s mental health and wellbeing

Regular activity and exercise promotes the release of hormones, specifically endorphins and serotonin. These elevate people’s moods and give a great sense of positive wellbeing. This also helps to reduce stress, boost energy, promote happiness and enhance job satisfaction.

It increases work productivity, focus and job satisfaction

Studies have shown a direct correlation between the improvement in mood and general wellbeing as a result of exercise on an employee’s focus, concentration and overall motivation. Plus, the resulting positive mental effects promote a happier work environment with improved productivity and job satisfaction.

It’s an excellent way to improve working relationships and team building

Particularly when you factor in that we provide group training in conjunction with MYZONE, as well as the ability to attend additional classes for teams of 10 or more members from the same corporate membership, Underground Gym is a fantastic place for teambuilding and improving overall team morale.

It improves the overall health of your team

It may be an obvious one, but an improvement in health is a fantastic benefit for everyone involved. Not only does a healthier team mean enhanced productivity, reductions in work absences, and improvements in focus and mental wellbeing, but a healthier lifestyle greatly improves quality of life.

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