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Firstly what is kinetic therapy? Have you heard of this therapy and wondered what it is all about? Let me share this with you.

Kinetic therapy is instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation, helping break away and down myofascia (fascia release) helping increase blood flow back into the treated area we are working on to help speed up recovery and get YOU back to full health and fitness. The treatment is causing micro trauma to the affected area by the tools which are specially designed to get deeper than a regular ” sports massage “or an osteopath can come close too. A full diagnostics and consolation will take place before we treat, you will walk away after your treatment with knowledge to why your injury has taken place in the first place and HOW from here on you are going to be fixed and more aware of the reasons why you were injured in the first place. If you have a muscular imbalance, a tightness, chronic pain, niggles you just cannot sort then it’s time to give in and let me help you.

The best thing about this I am on hand at Underground gym to members and non-members to treat them and get them moving again and out of pain. I have over 10 years strength and conditioning knowledge and have been a personal trainer for many years so I know what injuries are like and they truly suck. Now you have the best of both worlds, someone who can treat you and give you rehabilitation and knowledge and the world’s best facility to train from. I offer a “treat and train ” plan where you will spend 60 minutes being treated for your specific injury then a further 60 minutes on the gym floor where I will train you and show you how to engage, activate, and never be inured again with my methods and knowledge. Sounds good right? Then let’s get you booked in and get you motivated and out of pain and on the road to rehabilitation and realigning your potential to a better/ fitter you!

I have been open since August 2020 at UG and fixed over 600 people so far since I have started and had a 99.9% success rate with clients seeing benefits from just one session. I have been fortunate to work with athletes and celebrities who have seen the benefits and results and being out of pain which is my goal. To make sure you walk away out of pain and feeling good and confident again to train and keep going.

Please follow my social media to see my movement and if you have any questions please feel free to email, DM or if you would like a 15-minute phone call then this can also be arranged.

Looking forward to speaking to you and helping you and together working on an action plan to a better- stronger you.