A coach with a clipboard training his client

There is so much information out there on diets and the best way to lose weight with so many fad ideas which all give conflicting information on weight loss. Here are some relevant tips and pointers to be aware of if the goal is to lose weight.

Calorie Deficit

A calorie deficit is the only way you will lose weight/body fat. (apart from dehydrating yourself and losing water weight.)

A calorie deficit is your body burning more energy than you consume.

A calorie is a measurement of energy. When you eat food you consume calories which is a source of energy for your body. When you move that takes energy which is essentially burning calories. Your body burns calories everyday naturally just by functioning. However you can burn more calories by moving more whether it be exercise or just improved daily habits such as walking to the shops rather than driving etc.

No BS Diets

You may have heard of Skinny Coffee, Weight Watchers, Keto and many more brands and diet strategies to lose weight. A lot of companies are trying to sell you their products and label that as the best way to lose weight. This is mostly false information all they care about is making money rather than the consumer needs of actually losing weight.

Tip: If anyone tries to sell you a magical solution or product which will guarantee weight loss it is often a fad.


Consistency is key. One day of eating clean and in a calorie deficit won’t do anything. Staying consistent with exercise and training is the way to get results.

You have to be consistent and patient and learn to enjoy the process. As prior mentioned there is no quick fix or hack to losing weight. It is a change or slight tweak of your lifestyle that has to be maintained.


Life is all about balance. It is so important that you have balance in your training and nutrition life to hit your goals of weight loss. Eating foods you love while losing weight sounds amazing right? This is completely possible to do as long as you are conscious of portions and moderation.

I personally think to achieve long lasting sustainable habits you have to do things you enjoy whether it be going out for dinner or having some chocolate. It is about working it into your plan.

Macros/Food Choices

This is a small factor that could affect weight loss. I would recommend eating high volume low calorie foods. Such foods as fruits, vegetables, lean protein and complex carbohydrates are all good examples. This means you can eat larger portions of these foods and stay fuller for longer.

Protein is a food which I would recommend eating more of. It also has huge benefits such as muscle repair and growth which therefore complements training very well. Protein is also a very filling macro nutrient.