Young people doing kickboxing

Youth Muay Thai

Muay Thai is super popular and we’re here with a set of classes to make the sport accessible to as many people as possible, particularly a younger audience. Muay Thai translates as ‘Thai boxing’ and it’s full of self-defence skills that make practitioners stronger, fitter and more confident.

What is Youth Muay Thai?

Youth Muay Thai is a class aimed at younger fitness fanatics; it offers a safe way to train in a martial art that’s gone from strength to strength. There’s a good reason that it’s popular because it’s highly effective and lots of fun. But don’t worry, we know how important it is to take things slow with a youth audience and no-one will force participants into sparring.

What do you do in Youth Muay Thai Classes?

Our classes are accessible, which means that newcomers will start with basic techniques that focus on movement and coordination before moving onto things like pad and bag work once they’re ready to put the technique to work and improve their striking.

Are Underground Gym Youth Muay Thai Classes Suitable for Beginners?

Muay Thai has gained a reputation as being an effective, high-stakes sport but training for Muay Thai comes in all flavours and our classes are definitely suitable for beginners. Obviously, the classes have a combat theme, but sparring is always optional. Even our instructors were beginners at some point, which means they understand what it’s like to be new so they can offer a gentle introduction that lets beginners build their skills in a comfortable way.

What do I Need to Bring to Youth Muay Thai Sessions?

Participants should come with some enthusiasm because we love young people who want to learn, regardless of what level they start at. It’s a good idea to bring a towel and a change of clothes because the classes get energetic which means participants get a sweat on. It’s also good to bring water to prevent dehydration. Pad and bag work often involves a lot of striking, so many bring wrist-wraps for that extra level of support.

What to wear to Youth Muay Thai Class

Muay Thai involves a lot of dynamic moves and some kicks as well, so participants should wear comfortable, loose-fitting shorts. Another good option would be a t-shirt or a tank top.


We also offer adult Muay Thai classes.

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