Youth Boxing

Boxing is a time-honoured sport and these classes are our youth variation, offered with the hope we can carry on the tradition and build-up a new generation of enthusiastic boxers. As well as a confidence boost, boxing helps people improve fitness, strength and co-ordination, while carefully preparing participants to be up to the task if they ever fancy stepping into the ring.

What is Youth Boxing?

Youth boxing is a competitive sport that needs no explanation. It’s a great introduction for eager young fighters to get an appropriate introduction and build their skills. They can go at their own pace and learn safely with people at the same level of experience and weight. No-one will push participants to get in the ring if they’re not ready, so they can be comfortable to build their abilities in the right way.

What do you do in Youth Boxing Classes?

Our classes have been carefully planned so participants of any level can join and get benefits. It’s possible to start as a beginner and build the coordination, strength and boxing skills needed to go to the next level. Class participants will learn how to defend against strikes, how to deliver an effective punch and how to move their feet to keep nimble. A standard class might involve a warm-up to prevent injury, shadow boxing and drills for technique and stamina, then some pad work and bag work for technique and power.

Are Underground Gym Youth Boxing Classes Suitable for Beginners?

In short, yes. Everyone has to start somewhere and we want our classes to be as supportive as possible. We’ve seen people attend our sports classes, build a passion and spend years of their life building their strength and fitness with us. That’s exactly what we want, so our classes are accessible, aiming to get everyone involved and hopefully show them everything the sport has to offer.

What do I need to bring to Youth Boxing Sessions?

Attendees are encouraged to bring a towel and a change of clothes so they can leave as fresh as they came, and also plenty of water to stay hydrated while training. Punching can put a lot of stress on the wrists, so bringing wrist wraps is a good idea for that extra level of support.

What to wear to Youth Boxing Class

It’s a good idea to wear a comfortable short-sleeved shirt that will offer lots of mobility for training. Most participants prefer shorts although comfortable jogging bottoms are also an option. If participants are planning on training in the ring, then some boxing shoes might be a good idea, although some groups train barefoot and if not, some sturdy trainers would be suitable.

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