Learn the basics of powerlifting from the best. This class will help to improve your strength and technique with exercises such as the bench press, squats and deadlifts. Every week you’ll be supported to hit PB’s on the regular! Come lift some big weights with the #powerliftingteamUG. No previous experience necessary.

Powerlifting is a practice and competition sport that’s popular because it concentrates on the fundamentals of strength. While it’s often practised by people who take their gym time seriously, it’s also beneficial for everyone and good for beginners because everyone has to start somewhere.

What is Powerlifting?

For many people, powerlifting is the cornerstone of strength because it concentrates on the three most fundamental upper and lower body lifts that represent some of the most effective ways to train. You’ll find yourself doing bench press, squats and deadlifts, working carefully on your technique and pushing what you can lift.

What do you do in Powerlifting Classes?

A powerlifting class is built around the three main lifts of bench press, for upper-body strength, squat for lower-body strength and core, and deadlift for the all-important posterior chain, the muscles that run up your back and form part of any large movement. While powerlifters often put a lot of emphasis on strength, the key focus of a powerlifting session is technique, so you’ll learn how to perfect your posture and poise to improve these fundamental lifts.

Are Underground Gym Powerlifting Classes Suitable for Beginners?

Powerlifting classes are suitable for beginners because participants can focus on technique regardless of how much weight they’re working with. Everyone who’s really into this sport started off slowly, so when you turn up for training, you’ll find a supportive environment with people who understand what it’s like to take your first steps.

What do I need to bring to Powerlifting Sessions?

You’re in for a good workout so it’s a good idea to bring a towel, a change of clothes and don’t forget to bring water so you can stay hydrated. It’s often down to personal choice but some participants bring a lifting belt to support their core, and knees wraps for support when squatting. For the bench press, some also bring elbow wraps. Because your grip can also be important, some bring chalk or liquid chalk, and you could also consider wrist-wraps that will help with grip when deadlifting.

What to wear to Powerlifting Class

Generally, powerlifting doesn’t require specialist clothing although make sure to bring something you feel comfortable in such as shorts and loose-fitting t-shirt. Some people squat in jogger-bottoms although you may feel more comfortable in loose shorts.

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