Two people boxing training at the gym

Muay Thai Pad Blast

If you’re looking for a ways to get your heart pumping and burn tons of calories, than this is the class for you.
The Muay Thai pad blast sessions are designed around simple techniques that teach you to hit the training pads with high speeds and force.

This class is for all levels of ability.

What is Muay Thai Pad Blast?

Muay Thai is a traditional art of kickboxing with a unique Thai interpretation. It’s sometimes referred to as the ‘art of 8 limbs’ as it involves eight contact points – both left and right fists, elbows, kicks and knees. It’s well known to be an effective form of self-defence, perhaps because it teaches practitioners to strike with eight contact points compared to four for karate and two for boxing. Muay Thai Pad Blast is designed for people who want the skill and workout without the desire to spar and get in the ring, mainly focusing on techniques and pad work.

What do you do in Muay Thai Pad Blast Classes?

You’d better get ready to blast some pads! Muay Thai is about striking with different parts of your body at different levels and at different angles, so it makes sense that pads give a good workout because your partner can move them around to help you practise different techniques. In class, you can expect to learn efficient technique and apply these skills with a partner on pads to improve your strength, balance, coordination and confidence.

What do I need to bring to Muay Thai Pad Blast Sessions?

Pad classes can be very energetic and see you burning lots of calories, so remember to bring some water to stay hydrated. Also, it’s good to pack a towel and a spare set of clothes for the session. You might also want to bring some wrist wraps for that extra wrist support as you blast the pads.

What to wear to Muay Thai Pad Blast Class

Muay Thai Pad Blast Class is energetic and can involve stretching and perhaps some high kicks, so it’s a good idea to bring some loose-fitting shorts for mobility. You’d also do well with a comfortable shirt that won’t restrict you as you kick.

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