Bootcamp is a military-inspired group workout that has become a firm favourite with fitness fanatics around the country. It’s gone from strength to strength because it offers a great way to mix up your routine while getting a functional workout with a group atmosphere… it’s the sort of fitness cocktail that will give your routine a boost just when it needs it.

What is a Bootcamp Fitness Class?

Bootcamps are a group training workout that will put you through your paces in a fun and challenging style. The name comes because the format has a military inspiration and was originally popular as an outdoors workout. If you turn up to a bootcamp fitness session, you can expect a mix of cardio and resistance training, complete with both bodyweight exercises and free-weights.

While bootcamps vary between instructors and between gyms, most sessions will feature a mix of high-intensity cardio such as sprints, along with some military-style drills to improve your strength. Sessions generally start with a warm-up and finish with a cool-down so you can avoid injury and make the most of your workout.

One of the reasons bootcamps are so popular is because of the team atmosphere that will max out your motivation and help you give your absolute best. It’s also very functional, so you’ll find yourself getting stronger and fitter in ways that you’ll notice in your everyday life. The benefits you can expect from bootcamp include improved cardio, which will improve your heart, lungs and overall circulation.

What do I Need to Bring to Bootcamp Class?

First and foremost, bring your team spirit because you’ll immediately find a team atmosphere full of encouragement. You should also bring a towel and a change of clothes, because you’re bound to get a sweat on. It’s never good to be dehydrated so make sure you’ve got a bottle of water also. Bring loose clothing and some solid, comfortable trainers that will keep you light on your feet.

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