National Fitness Awards

Underground Gym have has nearly been open two years as the strength and functional, combat space we all know and love! We are looking to gain your support in celebrating just how awesome the gym and classes are, we are entering the National Fitness Awards 2016.

Regional Gym of the year

Strength gym of the year

Torri Underground Gym Brighton

We want your testimonials to support our application; we think our staff deserves a reward for all the hard work that goes on in the club on reception and behind the scenes. Thank you for all of our members that have already given us kind words about the club, our staff and facilities. If you feel we deserve to win, please send a few words about how long you have been training here and why you think we should win!


Katie Proctor ‘That first step into a new gym can be a daunting one, especially if that gym has its fair share of impressive bodybuilders. You're not sure how cliquey or how approachable everyone's going to be; you worry you're going to make an idiot of yourself trying to work out the machines. But as soon as I walked into the Underground I was greeted by smiling down to earth staff, who have mastered the balance of being friendly and helpful with letting you just get on with it. The classes are well thought out, the coaches are engaging, fun and they work you hard. Everybody is genuinely interested and supportive when you share the goals you've set yourself, and it makes you feel good. There's even a protein bar!!! I've never come across this before, what a great move. I love it and feel really lucky I have a gym this good so close to my front door.’

Please send yours with your full name to info@underground-gym

Grab a FREE shake next time you are training for your trouble. Thank you in advance!

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