Support For James Dwyer

Underground Gym Brighton Team is trying to help James Dwyer (a beloved member of the UG community) and his family, with costs for adapting their home and personal lives after James had a life-altering accident.

James has undergone six hours of intensive surgery after an accident which has changed his and his family life as they once knew it; James has been left paralysed from the waist down.


James is a such a positive, friendly hard working member of our UG community! James was well known and active in our UG Oly and Cali community always smiling and making time for   encouraging others to be just a humble and hard working. It's nice to see him still smiling and making a comeback as an athlete at Underground Gym.

James spent approximately  4 months in and out of hospitals after his accident and has just finally returned home to his wife and one-year-old son.

Unfortunately, the house they live in is not quite suitable for his needs currently and requires some adjustments to help everyday living be a lot more manageable.  This is why Underground Gym is reaching out to our community to help raise funds to support our local family member, friend, athlete adjust to his new life with paralysis.

Your donations will help provide but not limited to the following:

Physio Sessions - £50
Portable Ramp - £120
Removal of step into the flat - £500
Adding sliding doors to wardrobe - £500
Widening of 3 doors at home - £1,500
Adjustable rise and fall kitchen worktop - £2,000
Wet room - £5,000
Lightweight wheelchair - £5,500

THANK YOU Note to Donors…

Thank you so much for your support! This means a great deal to the Underground Gym team and especially James and his Family!  As final favour, if you could forward our link to as many people you know in the community, it would be a massive help and step towards meeting our fundraising goals!

Thank you again!


Underground Gym Team

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