​Military HIIT

The Class:

Our NEW unique class combines strength, functional, bodyweight and cardiovascular exercises in a fiercely challenging but highly rewarding session. 

This fusion of interval and resistance training gives you all the fat burning and heart-rate raising benefits of an intense cardio workout whilst also building muscle. No class is ever the same, so we’re always full of surprises to keep you burning fat long after your workout. We'll take your fitness to new levels using military style workout, as well as helping you to improve in all aspects of your training! From moving heavy objects, to sprints… this class will have it all. Incorporating strongman exercises like farmers’ carries, tyre flips and sled pushes, mixed with the cardio work of battle ropes, sprint and drills.

The Instructor:

Military HIIT Training Brighton


Scottish Jimmy' has been in the fitness industry for over 14 years and part of the Underground team for a little over 2 years.

He has always had a passion for sport, having boxed at an amateur level and competed in semi professional football. His firm but fair manner coincides with the time he spent serving in the army. For anyone who is looking to get fitter, stronger -  Jimmy’s the man for the job.

These sessions are Monday & Wednesday at 6.15am and Saturday at 9.00am.

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