School holidays are in full swing we are into the third week, usually thinking of things to do with the kids, not having the time to pop into the gym after a school run is messing with our routine! Underground Gym have a few solutions for you to make you still get time for the kids and the gym and stay healthy this summer!

1. Go for a run, get them involved. There is nothing better than the great outdoors, get the kids involved, take the pushchair if you have one, or jog with the kids anywhere, there are so many beautiful places in Brighton and Hove & its FREE!

Running Brigthon

2. Are the kids over 10? Bring the kids to a class at Underground Gym we run youth classes daily. Your chance to get healthy, fit and share the gym with them. Drop them to the class while you train in our gym.

Classes are:

Monday 17:30 - Youth Calisthenics

This includes chin ups, pull ups, using the body to create shapes using the bars. Kids have little no fear, are flexible and learn this sport quickly. A popular class for both sexes.

Tuesday 17:00 - Youth Boxing

This class is a combination of cardio, skipping, pad work and sparring. Mixed ability, this class is great for confidence building, making friends and cardio.

Wednesday 17:30 - Youth K1

This is a combination of Jujitsu, Muay Thai, and MMA. The kids will be using knees and kicks to the body. This class is great for confidence building, learning a skill, making friends and cardio.

Thursday 17:30 - MMA

MMA is a form of wrestling, ground work, holds, and submissions. The kids will learn holds, discipline, make friends and core strengthening.

Saturday 10:00 - Parkour/ Free Running

In this class the kids will learn to overcome fear, jumping further and higher, over blocks using the crash mats for safety in a controlled environment. They use the bars, Jai instructor teaches flips and pushes the boundaries. Kids are better than adults as they don't have much fear. Popular with the boys!

All Classes are for both genders and welcome all levels of fitness.

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3. Ask a friend or family to watch the kids for an hour, some of our classes are just 45 mins check out our timetable for HIIT, Metabolic Circuits, Functional Fit for a quick blast class then home. Maybe you can return the favour for them if they are also into training.

4. Walk up stairs with pushchair instead of taking the lift.

5. Organise a family sports day, with medals, get the whole family involved. The Kids will love it and get competitive with your siblings or friends.

We hope this has given you some great ideas; we hope to see you soon.

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