Lacking in motivation?

Follow our steps back to exercise and healthy living.

We are the local independent gym that cares about our community our mission is to inspire health and fitness to local people. We know sometimes people commit to a long-term gym contracts after being pressured by a sales person, which is why we don't do long-term contracts at our club, we want to give you the option.


1. Be realistic with time

Often people have a plan to go at 5 am then when reality hits; you are not getting on with those early mornings, while juggling kids, work schedules, essays, personal time and your night owl ways, then it's time to refresh the expectations rather than completely give it all up.

Pop into your diary when you are free, do not cancel on yourself.

Ask a partner or friend to watch the kids, after all, you will be fitter to run round the park with them on the weekends, they will thank you for it!

All that time sitting watching TV catching up on soaps or scrolling through Instagram, make a date to the gym. Pin a dress that you want to fit into and stick to those gym dates.

Do not beat yourself up too much if you do miss one session; everyone does it now and then, tomorrow is a new day.

Consider classes at UG they are 45 mins some of them with everything you need regarding weight loss, toning, and fitness.

2. Put on your gym clothes

Pop on your gym clothes when you don't feel motivated after a long day, jump up and down on the spot, tell yourself you'll go to the gym but not train, once you are there, you will do ten mins before you know it you would have done a full workout!

3. Create a rewards system

A good habit for going to the gym, put your keys under your gym clothes, so that you can't leave your house without handling them (and hopefully bringing them with you). Reward yourself to a tasty, healthy shake after your brain will anticipate the reward and crave the process (going to the gym) that leads up to it. That being said, the reward shouldn't be so unhealthy that it cancels out all your hard work!

4. Switch up your routine at the gym

Sometimes we cancel a gym membership as we stop seeing results, if you are repetitive with gym workouts, it slows down the results rate. Underground Gym has many unique, diverse classes which can help with ideas to add into a workout. find yourself always sticking to the treadmill? Try adding some low weights to your routine this will bring back motivation and results!

5. Invite a friend

Working out with a friend gives you instant motivation, in our previous blog we explain on how training with someone will increase the likeliness of going and why it can enhance your performance. 
Get a FREE Pass to bring a friend, send us an email to request this.

6.Take pictures for progression

Nowadays we have a camera on most phones and tablets, privately take a picture on the 1st day you start and do the same every week, this way you can monitor your progression and see results!

7. Speak to Underground gym staff/ Personal Trainer

Set small goals with the gym staff or personal trainer. Think about your diet, some people lose motivation due to not seeing results from training. Thinking more about what you eat will guarantee you see results. All staff at Underground Gym are happy to help with this ask reception to step on the scales, no problem.

8. Make a playlist.

Make a playlist which will make you want to get up and dance and fills you with energy, keep it updated all the time add songs regularly to keep it fresh and exciting.

9. Overcome fear.

Some people hold back due to fear. Fear of not succeeding, fear of coming to the gym alone, or fear of failing. We all have something holding us back. Find the line of fear and cross it, this is how the most successful people achieve goals in life and fitness. Speak to any of our friendly staff at Underground gym we will help you leap over barriers stopping you or holding you back from being successful in reaching your goals.

Quote - Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Professional wrestler and actor

“If something stands between you and your success, move it. Never be denied.”

Make an appointment with us today to chat about getting into the gym, already a member great let us know if you need a boost in your fitness goals!

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