We all go to the gym for different reasons; health, fitness, body image. Ultimately we all have a core reason for doing it. Ben Coomber, one of the UK's top and controversial nutritionist, is coming to Underground gym this month to talk to anyone who wants to know about nutrition to suit every goal. Want to uncover why your training?

Find out what is the right diet for you? How to calculate calories, macros and have the best diet to suit your training style here with Underground and Ben Coomber.

Ask yourself today why am I doing this?

Do I drink enough water?

Am I ready to make a change?

If you are a personal trainer, find out more to guide your clients to give them the correct knowledge.

More about Ben Coomber, Body Type Nutritionist:

Ben Coomber Brighton Gym

Ben started out on his journey to lose weight; he went from 16 stone to the athletic size and build he is today. He also suffered from ADHD and IBS, which meant he had a lack of concentration, bad sleeping patterns and low energy levels.

Fueling his body with the right stuff has changed his life and now he wants to educate people on how changes in your diet can improve your total lifestyle and health.


Please call us at the gym to pay and reserve your seat, be ready to change your perspective on food and fueling your body right.

Wednesday 31st August at 3pm at Underground Gym, Portslade, Hove.

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