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Underground Gym opened its doors originally launching as HIIT Rooms, back then it was a much smaller space offering strengthening kit, combat classes and HIIT training, functional space with Sol G and a small team. It went on to grow and expand into the 1050 square feet in September 2014, doubling in size with top of the line star trac strengthening kit, functional training room, callisthenics arena, the cardiovascular area equipped with stair mills, cross trainers, running machines and rowers.

Over 30 classes each picked to suit the gym's members, with some of Sussex finest coaches and teachers. It's doubled in staff and size over the last eighteen months.

Sol Gilbert is going to be blogging and shouting about nutritional advice, training tips and his second home Underground Gym on a regular basis. So if you want to follow the gym and the boss man himself click subscribe.

Sol Gilbert is well respected and has many years under his belt in the fitness industry coming from an MMA background, Sol ‘Zero Tolerance’ Gilbert; he then went into personal training and coaching, he has a fantastic reputation for weight loss and quick results with his 21-day challenge, guaranteed for results!

Sol’s home turf is Underground gym for personal training and combat training advice he is your man!

To check out Underground Gym and our facilities click on contact us and arrange a tour with your details someone will be in touch soon.

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